Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bodies of Water: Different Shores

Tanya Savory: Different Shores


I had every intention of posting Tanya Savory's I Don't Hear That Train for our theme a few weeks ago... and then ran out of time - imagine that!

However, she's been much on my mind lately and I thought this song appropriate now, even though... technically... it does not mention a body of water in the title - however, an ocean and a lake play prominent roles in this musical metaphor of the realization that perspective is everything...

I was lucky to see Tanya in a house concert way back in 1999, not too long after I first became involved with our local folk community - no clue what she's doing now (it appears her website is no longer... I did find this)... but the CDs I bought that night have sustained me with the wisdom of their storytelling and the harmony of their musicality...

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