Monday, March 2, 2009

Bodies of Water: Red Sea Black Sea

Guest submission by Mari

Shearwater: Red Sea Black Sea

[web session; purchase studio version here]

Reader Mari, who sent this wonderfully dark and delicately brooding alt-countrified folk song along, writes:

"To quote directly from the daytrotter session that i downloaded from is more than anythin' i could make up!"

We treasure songs when they’ve got more floor dirt on them than shine. It’s at those points – when they’re just skin and bones – when you can either take them or leave them behind forever. Hearing something less perfectly or in an altered form – possibly a completely foreign setting – is the point where we make up our minds and whether the song shows that it’s got legs and a working heart. We dig that in a song, when it can affect us even more when it’s randomly wrinkled or ruffled. We find nothing wrong with these songs. We find that we love them more with each passing day because they work us like a stiff gust and a warm massage.

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