Monday, March 2, 2009

Bodies of Water: The River

Reggie Greenlaw: The River


Reggie Greenlaw is a hammer-dulcimer and guitar player who has never quite made it in the big time. I saw him play with The Weavers once, and I know that he opened for Greg Brown at another time. But, his profile is still extremely limited.

In that sense, Reggie, like so many other folk artists, follows the old tradition of making music for its own sake. All of his music has a sort of sweet simplicity to it that leaves the listener feeling like he or she is just hanging out with a friend and his guitar.

I've searched for ways to purchase his music, but I've come up largely empty handed. The featured track is from his Mayflies album, but it is apparently out of print. The link above is to the only album of his that I can find online, which seems to be a dulcimer record without vocals.

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