Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trinomial Bands: Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra: Sweet Talking Woman


I’m sure it shows my  age: there can’t be too many of you out there who listened to or even remember Electric Light Orchestra back in the '70s. And I confess that when the name of the band came to mind as a “Trinomial Band”, it didn’t take long for me to dredge up the name “Jeff Lynne” in association. Lynne had an inclination toward the classics: note the use of the strings in several places.

The music has shades of late Beatles, Bee Gees and Genesis. Genesis (to me) because of the changes/extended/compository nature. Bee Gees/Beatles: I think that’s obvious enough in the vocal harmonies. Seems to me that you’ll likely  also notice the roots of The Travelling Wilburys in this tune. No surprise: Jeff Lynne later went on to help found the Travelling Wilburys along with George Harrison.

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