Monday, June 25, 2012

Trinomial Bands: Flat Earth Society

A group of talented teens from suburban Lynn, Massachusetts, Flat Earth Society won a contest by writing a radio jingle for the F.B. Washburn Candy Company's new Waleeco candy bar. Their prize: an opportunity to cut an album. The band only had half an album's worth of material but desperation provided fine inspiration. Among the inspired moments on the 1968 album : getting the cool phasing sound on "Feelin' Much Better" by spraying a can into a bucket.

Once they finished the album, they had one more obstacle in their way. This time it was one that proved far too great to overcome. Anyone who wanted to hear the album, unfortunately titled Waleeco,  had to send $1.50 plus six candy bar wrappers. Yeah, that didn't happen much. But today you can get your own copy of the album by sending just $19.60 plus shipping to 

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