Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trinomial Bands: Janne Da Arc


Janne Da Arc: Gaia

Acid Black Cherry: Ai no Baka! (Stupid Love)

It's been a month since I lost every song and image I've ever posted here. While part of me expected the hammer to fall, internet times being what they are, part of me is still in mourning the loss. What's worse is that I now lack the tools to continue a streamlined method of posting here. I'm going to try this post; you may see an image, and you may get the songs but not the "play" links (kkafa, my co-blogger, has fixed this problem for me; thanks!) And because I'm posting J-Rock, I'm not sure if this is going to be a pressing issue, really. Still, I'd like to try one last time to reach out with music that makes me hum.

Janne Da Arc was not actually named after Joan of Arc but rather a Devilman manga character. Janne da Arc is a visual kei band from Osaka that formed in 1996, and they're still going strong. The lead singer, Yasu, has also spun off a successful solo band, Acid Black Cherry (hey, another trinomial name I've linked, w00t!)

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