Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trinomial Bands: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit: Emmylou

 So what if I told you that the best Americana you'd heard in years didn't hail from somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line, but rather from a little suburb of Stockholm called Enskede?  And what if I then told you that it was being made by two young sisters, aged 21 and 19 respectively, who despite their ages and geographical dislocation had somehow managed to tap directly into the vein of hickory-infused Blues and Soul that most modern Country acts search in vain ever to even locate, let alone access?  And on top of all that, what if I told you that they were possessed of the assurance to conjure up the image of the titular Country legend, as well as the ghosts of Gram Parsons, June Carter and the Man in Black himself, inviting them to acquiesce to their effortless ascension to a pantheon most could only dream of emulating? Kind of unlikely, no?

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