Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fifty States: New Jersey

John Gorka: I'm From New Jersey


I'm from Massachusetts, actually. But since I see from the blogger back-end that someone's got that one covered already with a great tune, I'll take any excuse to post one of my favorite 80s folk revival singer-songwriters two weeks in a row.

John Gorka is indeed from New Jersey; here he addresses the stereotype head on and hilariously.

Bonus and belated: I wasn't going to post doubles this week -- rules are rules -- but because he's another male singer-songwriter who emerged from the same 80s-era NYC folkscene, let's make the first exception, eh?

Cliff Eberhardt: Summers in New Jersey [available free from WFMU]


Matt said...

Yeah, you're selling me on Gorka, Boy! I'm loving all I've heard of his so far.

boyhowdy said...

More here, then: Gorka covers Townes Van Zandt and Kate Wolf, among others

Divinyl said...

Both great songs, BH...neither of which I knew :o) Thanks!

alizarine said...

I saw Cliff a year ago in Houston, and loved it. His newest album, The High Above and The Down Below is great too. You can listen to a few tracks for free on his website,