Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pennsylvania: The Scrapple Song

Robbie Fulks: The Scrapple Song [purchase]

I was curious if we were gonna loosen the reins for the last two states because I've had this Fulks number waiting in the wings. Thankfully, I now get to share it. By the way, if you ever get to see Robbie live, he's hysterically funny, bears an uncanny resemblance to former Sixer, Shawn Bradley (here's a pic of Fulks and here's a pic of Bradley), and is an absolute monster of a guitar player. Seriously, he could join any bluegrass band in the country and hold his own. In the meantime, pull up to the table and dig in to some scrapple.

"The mom and pop diners 'round Allentown,
Don't really have much that a fella can hold down,
And the folks up around Philly and Bethlehem,
Ain't gourmet types, really, or chefly men.

Now, they're God-fearin' folk in that Keystone State,
But their food ain't fit for a collection plate,
There's things for all kinds of people to hate,
But there's one that everybody loves.

And they call it SCRAPPLE SCRAPPLE,
Corn-beef steamed and hog-meat dappled,
Set by the window 'til it's cold and hard,
Sliced up thick and fried in lard.

Hey, what's that swimmin' in the big bread pan,
That's kickin' up all this mania,
The pride of Pennsylvania."

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