Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fifty States: Wisconsin

I'm going to get a reputaion as a weirdo, here in the Machine, if I keep poting up oddball stuff like this, but (for this state, at least) I haven't got much choice. They're the only Wisconsin tunes I've got!

The Dead Milkmen: I'm Living In Wisconsin

[purchase other Milkmen releases]

First up is a fairly sweet song from The Dead Milkmen off the 1983 self-released cassette A Date With The Dead Milkmen. Not too easy to get ahold of, that one, so the link goes to their official Amazon page. All their major label stuff is available there.

Wesley Willis: Wisconsin State Trooper

The next tune is by the late Wesley Willis. I can't do justice to this madcap, in such a short space, so urge you to read up on him on Wikipedia and listen to some more of his stuff over at Alternative Tentacles. He's certainly not for everyone, but was definately an interesting beast.

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