Monday, June 30, 2008

Fifty States: Utah

Harry Nilsson: The Beehive State


To Star Maker Machine's great shame, this blog has been running in its current format for nearly four months and there has only been one measly Harry Nilsson song. Come on Star Makers! Nine Bob Dylans? Eight Elvis Costellos? Where's the love for Harry?

In my own defense, half of my Nilsson collection is apparently blocked by iTunes mojo: I can't convert them from m4as so I can't post them. This has been heartbreaking to me since there's been at least one great choice for every theme we've had. Finally I'm able to get one in, though! And none of you thoroughbreads busted out of the fifty state gate with Utah! So there!

This fantastic song, written by Randy Newman, takes place on the floor of congress, as the congressmen from Kansas and Utah (aka the Beehive State) each plead for much-needed funds for their states--proving that in the right hands, anything can make a great pop song.

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