Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fifty States: Wyoming

The Lucksmiths: Wyoming


Here's a great tune from The Lucksmiths 1997 album, The Good Kind Of Nervous. I live in the Midwest but I'm originally from California, so whenever we drive home we see the entire length of Wyoming. It's amazing that there's still that much space left in the world. The Lucksmiths are from Australia, so they probably know something about open spaces themselves.

I'm going to ask forgiveness instead of permission on this next one: I hope everyone will forgive me for absolutely shattering the 20th Century guideline for this blog by posting a second Wyoming song from JP Haynie. He's a brand new artist, yes. Unsigned, in fact. This is, without question, my favorite Wyoming song, though, so I couldn't resist. My hope is that when you hear it you'll realize (1) that it was worth it, because this song is gorgeously written, (2) that there is nothing modern, ironic, or hip about this tune and that it could have been written at any point in the last 40 years, and (3) that it feels like Wyoming. I promise, all of my other state songs are recorded between 10 and 75 years ago.

JP Haynie: Wyoming



boyhowdy said...

Now that's my kind of music -- both of them. Quiet, perfect for a wake-up with coffee and kids watching the tube in the other room. Thanks, man.

boyhowdy said...

And, for those looking for an older Wyoming song, here's a folk cowboy with a good 'un:

Bill Staines: My Sweet Wyoming Home

Divinyl said...

Lovely...particularly The Lucksmiths' track. Great choices BWR :o)

blessedmatch said...

A Night in Wyoming by David Broza puts music to a well-known poem. Haunting.