Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fifty States: New Hampshire

Sonic Youth: New Hampshire


Until Sonic Youth hipped me, I never knew B.B. King turns on New Hampshire boys.


Matt said...

Ah, you got it. About B.B. King, and this song... the only NH song I could figure out. I don't have it, though, so I'm glad you posted it up.

boyhowdy said...

Matt Pond PA does a decent song of this name, but it's pretty recent.

Anonymous said...

Yikes - I forgot it's from 2004! I gotta watch that.

boyhowdy said...

Yeah, but it's SONIC YOUTH. They're timeless. :-)

Matt said...

Dean, I believe that restiction has been lifted. Great songs are timeless, so... fork it!
(So long as it ain't too frequent, I believe is the watchword.)
I've got a couple 'tough states' for later in the week that I'll post, if those states are languishing. They're newish numbers but not flavors of the week (which, unless you've got a really hip Baskin-Robbins near, I wouldn't count SY as, ever!)

Divinyl said...

Sonic Youth blatantly qualify, no matter that it is recent!! :oD