Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hell Week: Covers from Hell

Primus: The Devil Went Down To Georgia


Danny Barnes: Sympathy For the Devil


Dick Dale and his Del-Tones: Ring of Fire


Hayseed Dixie: Hells Bells

Hayseed Dixie: Highway to Hell


We try to avoid the obvious choices here at Star Maker Machinery, though we'll make an exception for a truly great song no matter how popular it might be. Still, somewhere around the beginning of each theme, a few song names pop up in the comments, and once named, these "obvious songs" never get posted.

This is a problem for me, because I'm one of those audiophiles who gets earworms, and bad. Which means whenever someone says "oh, yeah, I was thinking about this song", I start thinking about it, too. And though usually I just nod my head textually and pretend to move on, way back here behind the screen I'm damned to suffer the song on infinite repeat in my head for the remainder of the week.

Which is to say: I've had Sympathy for the Devil, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, and Ring of Fire stuck in there since they were first mentioned in the comments way back on Sunday. Plus a couple of AC/DC songs I bet you were thinkin' of, too.

Since I'm still feeling a bit devilish, here's an eleventh hour set of the songs we were all thinking of this week. But I'd never be so trite as to post the originals -- that would, indeed, be too obvious, and not nearly evil enough. No, I've tried to find hillbilly and bluegrass covers for the rock stuff, and surf and jam/funk covers for the country songs. And you're going to listen to them anyway, aren't you? Because, in the end, the temptation we fear most is in ourselves.

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