Friday, July 11, 2008

Hell Week: Christmas in July Edition

James White: Christmas With Satan


Probably, everyone has heard the Waitresses song "Christmas Wrapping". But did you know that, in its original release, it could only be found on an album called "No Wave Christmas"? I knew, because, (guilty pleasure confession), I loved the song and had to have it. This almost proved to be a classic case of "bought a lousy album for one great song" syndrome. There was, however, one other song I fell in love with, (because I am hopelessly warped), and that was "Christmas With Satan".

This week, we have already had one example of an artist who used different names to maintain multiple recording contracts. Here is another. James White and the Blacks, James Chance, and the Contortions are all the same group. If you've never heard them, try to imagine a collaboration between KC and the Sunshine Band and free jazz master Anthony Braxton. If you haven't played the song yet, remember, you were warned.

Submitted by Darius

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