Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hell Week: Hell Is A Disco

Wammo: Hell Is A Disco [purchase]

Wammo formed the Asylum Street Spankers 666 months ago in a pact with the devil, when he played his washboard at a haunted crossroads in South Austin. Well, it wasn't exactly a crossroads, it was more like an intersection. And by intersection I mean in front of a Whole Foods on a Sunday morning, with the yuppies sipping their double-nonfat no-foam recycled hybrid cappuccinos over last month's Utne Reader and fastidiously ignoring Wammo as though he were covered in tattoos, boils, and Ross Perot bumper stickers. As we all know, only two of those statements is true. His talents are legend, his humor sardonic, and this song may include the infamous "brown note." Friends, if you have even a shred of dignity left, you will not listen to this song or Spanker addiction will be your mistress. Consider yourself warned.

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