Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bandwidth Issues


If you notice that certain songs are being downloaded an inordinate amount of times, please change to a fresh link (i.e., re-post with a different URL). Somebody is hotlinking some of the songs we post here. Hopefully they will stop if we make it more difficult for them.

It might also be a good idea to put our URL in the tag information so that the ultimate downloaders know where it really came from.

One more thing: I am not re-posting songs from last week. We've got enough activity here that the current week is plenty. If the old stuff is being deleted, feel free to unshare.

NOTICE TO BANDWIDTH THIEF: I am putting this tag on my tracks to show their source ["This song was posted by Star Maker Machine ( If you got it from somebody else, they were hotlinking our bandwidth. Tell them to stop."]


boyhowdy said...

Works for me, but I wanted to make sure I understood tha last bit:

We're still going to keep songs which are on last week's theme IF they are still on the front page, right? Less than 7 days for a song to stay live would be a bit too short...but anything off the front page seems legit for removal, IMHO.

Paul said...

I was leaving my songs up for two weeks, which I think is a good amount of time.

You can re-post last weeks songs if you want. I'm just being lazy. For the one's I'm posting, if it gets hotlinked and its from the prior week, then it's coming down.

BWR said...

I'm trashing all of mine after 12-14 days (removing the files the host itself). If I notice any downloads of more than 500 or so I'll re-upload (if it's new) or trash it (if it's more than 7-10 days old).

I did have a few songs get hit 4000+ times. They are now gone.

BWR said...

Paul - what is an inordinate number of downloads? I guess i'm not sure since I don't know how many readers there are. For example, Birth Of The True has been downloaded 711 times (in only a couple of days). That seems pretty high to me -- does a number like that cross the line?

Matt said...

Good ideas, Paul.

I've adjusted the links going back a couple of weeks, now, and am going to go back and remove links from before then.

Also, I'm taking your advise on putting the note in id3 tags from here on out. If we can get a percentage of them who get the files from someone else to be reading SMM, whoo boy! That'd be great!