Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2:42: The Birth Of The True

Aztec Camera: The Birth Of The True


In many ways Aztec Camera has not stood the test of time as a band (although front man Roddy Frame has done some really excellent work recently), but Birth Of The True, clocking 2:42, is an exception. It is not only the best song on the Knife album, but it is probably the best Aztec Camera song that there is. Roddy is always at his best when he strips the songs down to only a few instruments (which is why the all-acoustic album “Surf” is probably his best work). Birth Of The True is a beautiful little number, and always a crowd favorite at Roddy shows.

Also, anyone who has ever had a long-distance relationship can relate to the line, “Every place deserves a curse or two for making me so far away from you.”  Amen, brother.

PS: Boyhowdy pointed out that an excellent cover of this song was done by Brooks Williams. Check it out.


boyhowdy said...

I have a great cover of local (to me) folkie Brooks Williams doing this -- much more delicate and light, but great in its own way. Hadn't heard the original though -- this is gorgeous. Nice call, bwr.

bwrice said...

Boyhowdy - I'd love to hear the cover. Any chance of getting a link to it?

boyhowdy said...

Brooks Williams -- Birth of the True

Feel free to add the link above to the post itself, as is, so other visitors can see. I'd add it myself, but only you (and the site admin) can edit your own post.

bwrice said...

Done. Thanks for the link -- it's a nice cover.