Sunday, May 4, 2008

2:42 - Sometimes/Cryin' Inside

Doug Sahm: Gene Thomas Medley: Sometimes/Cryin' Inside


Doug Sahm ... as Sir Doug & The Texas Tornados ... released this tune as a single in 1976, the same year that Boston released the song that inspired the post that inspired this theme. Doug's single is actually a medley of two Gene Thomas songs from the early '60s and features a spoken bridge rife with nostalgia: "Yeah, I remember those times. Back in the old nightclubs in 1961 in San Antone." In other words, Doug's medley not only flies in the face of the cocaine-fueled self-indulgence of its own time (1976), it's an intentional throwback to that pre-FM time when singles and AM radio ruled the earth (1961). Furthermore, Doug cherry-picks the best parts of two separate songs to maximize the concision of his 2:42. All meat, no potatoes, and absolutely gorgeous harmonies from Sahm and his longtime compadre, Atwood Allen. God bless Sir Doug.


Paul said...

Welcome to Star Maker Machine L.D.! Great song.

Anonymous said...

Listening to this song...I googled G. Thomas and Cring Inside and found this cool is that. Music sure does need a Doug Sahm right now.