Monday, May 5, 2008

2:42 - Jealousy

Natalie Merchant, Jealousy


Natalie Merchant made her name as one of the more distinctive lead voices of 80's alternative rock bands way back when alternative radio actually meant something. Twelve years and 9,999 Maniacs later both Merchant and the term alternative had become subsumed by mainstream corporate culture, and nothing proved it more than Merchant's 1995 solo debut Tigerlily, which sold over 4 million copies even as critics accused of being both too rock-oriented and too sentimental.

Jealousy was the third and final single from Tigerlily to hit the Top 40, but at 2:42, this is the one with legs.


Kevin said...

Natalie Merchant, one of the most misunderstood artists of the 90's. I still can't figure why more folk didn't catch onto "Ophelia", which I consider to be her masterstroke.