Sunday, May 4, 2008

2:42: Place To Be

Nick Drake: Place To Be


I remember reading Confederacy Of Dunces, the brilliant Pulitzer Prize winning book, years ago.  It was (and is) amazing to me that John Kennedy Toole, the author of the book, was completely undiscovered during his lifetime. Following Toole's suicide, his mother found the text to the book in his room and submitted it to a publisher.  The text has now, rightfully, been read by hundreds of millions of people.

Nick Drake, who died of an overdose when he was 26 years old, is similar to Toole in the sense that he never lived to see the amazing influence that his music would have on the singer-songwriter genre.  None of Drake's albums sold more than 5,000 copies when they were first released, but now they have sold millions of copies and have been influential to a wide variety of artists (including less likely admirers like Paul Weller and Robert Smith).

So, this track is my tribute to undiscovered brilliance!  The featured track is from Pink Moon and clocks exactly two minutes and forty-two seconds.


Paul said...

Hey BWR. Good pick. (It wasn't playing right, so I reloaded the mp3 into my file host.)

bwrice said...

Paul - Thanks. I wonder what the problem was. Thanks for fixing it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's I'm not sure how reliable that service is. Matt's had problems on a few songs too, but other times it works great.