Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2.42 - Maga Dog

Time for some reggae here at the Star Maker Machine. And as one of my fave songs by Peter Tosh just happens to clock in at 2.42, here we go. Ex-Wailer Tosh feels sorry for a country girl and helps her out, but she turns out to be a backbiter. So he compares her to a skinny (maga) dog... "Me no wan' fe see you 'round here". Great stop, start, turn around and do it again rhythm. "If you jump out of a frying pan, you´re bound to jump inna fire." Right on. Find this track on the Rebel Music anthology (Trojan records), a heartily recommended introduction to early reggae tunes. For more explanations about the song, including translations of the Jamaican patois used, look here.