Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boats: The Boatman

The Levellers: The Boatman


I'm far too embarrassed about posting this to actually write much. I almost chickened out. Almost. But hearing The Levellers always puts a smile on my face; I think it is like that with most music that you loved in your mid-teen years. It means something to you, and you know it inside and might have even worn out the cassette from listening so much!

I saw The Levellers at Brixton Academy when I was about 15. I got sweated on by crusties in the mosh pit and a lecture as my friend and I sat on the sloping (and sticky!) floor that I should not drink Ribena because Smithkline-Beecham had some sort of hand in the making of it, the selling of it, or something. I forget...and I still like Ribena!

Apart from the aforementioned crusty sweat, the Academy smelt of cider...that smell, although I don't drink cider myself, will always make me smile, because I can hear The Levellers in my head.

Oh, and if I could be surrounded by quite so many nubile lovelies as in the picture up above (is just saying that sacrilege?) then "If I could choose the life I please, then I would be a boatman" too!*

*Although they would appear to be sextuplets, so maybe I should only sleep with one of them, otherwise it would just be wrong!


boyhowdy said...

I dunno about "wrong", D -- sleeping with twins is supposed to be a dream come true, if those half-remembered Penthouse letters from my childhood sneak-arounds were any indication. But I think sextuplets would just be tiring.

Paul said...

I like it.

Divinyl said...

I like it's just that The Levellers are one of those bands that feel like a guilty pleasure! Which should cover any response I was going to make to Boyhowdy too! ;o)

Anonymous said...

guilty pleasure or no - I will stand up and admit to loving the levellers and I don't care who knows it.

Divinyl said...

Hi Sonja. I love the Levellers, but in a nostalgic kind of way really...I guess I loved them as a teenager, so I still love those albums from that era now. I have to say I lost interest at about 'Beautiful Day' though, so I'm not up on their current music at all.