Friday, June 6, 2008

Boats: Lukey

Great Big Sea/The Chieftains: Lukey

I am unable to find a purchase link for the album this comes from; in fact I can't even find a picture of it online! You can get a copy of Great Big Sea singing Lukey on this album but, in my opinion, it isn't as good as their collaboration with The Chieftains.

The version above comes from a sampler album I picked up for free some years back, called Deep Roots and Future Grooves, which features some great songs, including Fissiriwaly by Alpha Yaya Diallo and Lauren McDonald's Wing and A Prayer. It's an album of world music, celtic influences and some tasty dub rhythms and is highly recommended if you are able to find it anywhere!


boyhowdy said...

Wow -- GBS and the Chieftains? Nice find!

I get all my rarest/best stuff off of random compilations and samplers.

Tom W. said...

You've probably found it in the past 3 month, but here you go: