Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boats: Dribcots Space Boat


Joe Meek & The Blue Men: Dribcots Space Boat

His story is so interesting that I don't know what to tell you about Joe Meek. I'll save some details should you be waiting for this documentary or the upcoming biopic, Telstar. But I will tell you that he was an astoundingly gifted and ingenious producer - one of England's first independent record producers - and also tone deaf. He firmly believed in life in outer space, culminating in his experimental, instrumental masterwork I Hear A New World.

Though Meek is best known for his more conventional hits like Have I The Right and Telstar, there was always something a little otherworldly shimmering in all of the music he recorded. As Jello Biafra says "you can tell a Joe Meek record a mile away."


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