Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boats: Red Sails

David Bowie: Red Sails


Oh, c'mon! like you didn't see this one coming from about 40 feet away! (If not, let me provide four of you with 10 foot poles, and...)

Anyhum, it's a ship(ish) song. Too-hum, it's going to be my last posting from the Bowie box-set, I promise. At least for a good couple of whiles.

That is seeming the trouble, for me, with box-sets from artists who cast their song-nets far and wide (and deep)... It's easy to dip into them wells... "Hmm, I need an history song? Dylan! Something about anything? Bowie! Woman done me wrong? I bet Robert Johnson has something to say about that..."

And too, the sheer quality, depth, and bredth from fellow (in the non-gender-specific encompassing of the word "fellow") posters here on SMM is nearly enough to make me wanna hide my head under a rock, just peeking out to glimpse the quality. Jeepers! Brenden K., brw, ld, hell all y'all, make me want to step up my game... You (and all the others too) write so well!

OK, now it's out there... You make me want to write better. Now all's I gots to do is 'do'...


Anonymous said...

Hey, for me it's all about the tunes...

If this thing turns into a writing competition I'm toast.

bwrice said...

me too - and i've noticed the writing has gotten longer and longer, on average too lately (including my own). I was just thinking yesterday that i'm going to shorten up a bit --

I'm not suggesting anyone else needs to think this way, but I was thinking this for myself.