Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boats: Rockin' Chair

The Band: Rockin’ Chair


Hang around, Willie boy,
Don’t you raise the sails anymore
It’s for sure, I’ve spent my whole life at sea
And I’m pushin’ age seventy-three
Now there’s only one place I was meant to be:

Oh, to be home again,
Down in old Virginny,
With my very best friend,
They call him Ragtime Willie.
We’re gonna soothe away the rest of our years,

We’re gonna put away the rest of our tears,
That big rockin’ chair won’t go nowhere…


Ramone666 said...

Nice pick Paul, never crossed my mind.

Paul said...

Thanks, it's not so much about boats per se as it is about getting OFF of a boat. But it's close enough for government work.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what it's about - it's THE BAND.