Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blog Names: Armagideon Time

The Clash: Armagideon Time


With giant respect given towards all the fine blog writers here at SMM, if I only had one blog to ever read again for the rest of my times, it'd be Armagideon Time.

Named after a Clash dub tune, Bitter Andrew's blog is the best thing I've run across on the interwebs. Period.

The guy writes intelligently. He is a saviour of felines. He has an accommodating partner. He is politically righteous. He is swept up in comics (and shares stuff with his readers). He has wide range-ing, eclectic, and wonderful tastes for music. In short... I admire all things about his web real-estate, and am thankful I stumbled across it in the first place.

You all ought put Armagideon Time. in your radar. Seriously.

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