Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog Names: Planet Claire

The B-52s: Planet Claire (live and goofy)
The Foo Fighters: Planet Claire


Though it's not a music bog, per se... And though the title of the blog is only coincidental in being a fanTAStic B-52 number, there are myriad reasons for my submission of Planet Claire for your perusal...

Our gang appreciates a nice turn of lyric, right? (A loaded question - I know we do!) Then y'all should oughta check out Claire's Tim Easton lyrics part of the site. Such a devoted fan, she has - for our, and future generations' eludiation - transcribed the guy's catalog.

Read it.

Then go investigate futher: Tim Easton official site

And then get back to Planet Claire to dig the wild, rare sounds she's stashed inside her junk drawer... Stuff l(i)ke: rare Replacements, Uncle Tupelo, and even a peek at some animated Bloom County cartoon...

If you wanna know what's a salving for your over-loaded brain-wreck, I just told ya!

Then, get back to Claire's main site for an on-going, ever-growing collection of quotes from some popular (and some not-so-popular) television shows. She's a devoted type, bringing you the quotes you want to read.

I hate to say you want to.

But you will want to.

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