Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog Names: The Rising Storm

The Rising Storm: Bright Lit Blue Skies


At the top of my favorite music blog list is The Rising Storm. Being a man of few words, I’m hesitant to take on a subject like TRS, because it would require more than a few words to describe how wonderful the blog is. But here goes: The best thing about TRS is that Brendan and Jason really know their stuff. If you are interested in country rock, sixties garage, or psychedelic rock, TRS is the place to be. They find the good stuff you probably never heard of and write eloquently about it. Every few days they help give a little bit of new life to great "lost" music from another era. No small feat. Check it out. They also produce a fabulous podcast.

For starters, you can read about the band "The Rising Storm" at the blog The Rising Storm. (That’s where I found this track.)

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