Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blog Names: Nine Bullets

Drive-By Truckers - Nine Bullets


This must be the internet equivalent of being the last kid picked at tee ball but none the less here I am writing about my own damned blog. I kept hoping someone else might write about it but either nobody over here likes or they don't know from which song the name came. I don't give a shit either way...alls I know is I never pass on a chance to pimp my web site... takes it's name from the song Nine Bullets by The Drive-By Truckers. It was on their 1999 release, Pizza Deliverance. Nine Bullets was recorded on a drunken Sunday afternoon in Patterson's Athens, Ga. living room. As a nifty piece of trivia you can hear Patterson's dogs fighting in the background of Mrs. Dubose.

As for the site. Well, I feel a little stupid for making this post at all so I'm not gonna spend too much time on the site it self. I write about a little bit of everything but I do tend to focus on one man bands and punk-blues bands a lot. Some country, a little rock and occasionally a little hiphop. My writing quality is average on its best days and drunken ramblings on most but it's my little corner of the internets and I love it.

Come pay me a visit. Maybe you'll find something you like.

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