Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog Names: Time Has Told Me

Nick Drake: Time Has Told Me


Time has told me
Youre a rare rare find
A troubled cure
For a troubled mind.

Time Has Told Me is from the dark side of the blogging world; they post entire albums, a wonderful mix of semi-traditional Euro and British folk, more experimental folk from around the globe, and the occasional live recording from the early days of Ron Sexsmith and other folk rock artists from this side of the pond. Their namesake is a raggedly majestic 1969 Nick Drake folktune; the first verse, in italics above, is perhaps the quintessential collectors touchstone.

Though many of the songs on Time Has Told Me are wonderful collectors items, rare, out-of-print or unavailable, and many artists featured are true obscurities, every once in a while they get a takedown request. In their favor, Time Has Told Me admin Lizardson is honest, and practices full disclosure, even going so far as to publish such notices in the blog itself. But it's worth the reminder: here at Star Maker Machine, we include purchase links for all songs we post for a reason; we support and promote the artist's right to profit off their music, and do not condone wholesale peer to peer sharing of music when it undermines that right.

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