Monday, September 29, 2008

Blog Names: Setting The Woods On Fire

Hank Williams: Settin' The Woods On Fire

Comb your hair and paint and powder
You act proud and I'll act prouder
You sing loud and I'll sing louder
Tonight we're settin' the woods on fire!

If you like the song, you'll love the blog. There is no better man than Hank Williams to represent the blogosphere's foremost classic country pit stop. Though we all know the man behind the blog is everybody's favorite Motor City Cowboy, Paul, it often feels like good ole Hank himself is blogging away over at STWOF. This is a blog from a world where country music is so real and true that it means something more than a buck; the site has soul.

I was lucky enough to be on Paul's blogroll from the very first post and I have watched stwof grow from humble beginnings to a heavily trafficked landmark for country lovers. Every time Paul makes a mix, or asks a question, commenters come out in droves and turn it into a proper discussion site. It's not just classic country either, as Paul will often post on non-country favorites like The Beach Boys or 80s bands like X.

Lately, STWOF has been famous for its series of 'Originals' posts sharing original versions of songs covered on classics like Sweetheart of the Rodeo or Elvis Costello's Almost Blue. Before that it was an excellent series on the Jangly 80s bands inspired by the Byrds' 12-string sound. Make sure and subscribe so you're around for whatever Paul comes up with next!

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